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What Are We Talking About...? ♡ Follow Me Day 170 from youtube by Shaaanxo Vlogs
featured video : 7 year old kid (me) talking about Apple IIs back in '82
featured video : David Longoria Talks About The Journey, Angels and Genesis We Are One EDM Trumpet We Are one
Making breakfast, lunch and dinner... Cleaning... Peeling off a pore strip. Yep. My life is riveting lmao

PS sorry for no upload yesterday. I was out all day long, had plans, but then got super sore (wisdom tooth), sun stroke, sunburn, watched netflix and slept. lmao. not feeling great right now either but more vlogs coming this week! I hope you enjoy this! Im thinking that from now on if im not feeling great/tired/want a bit of time off on the weekend or whatever i'll just skip editing for a day and merge vlogs like I have been doing. that way it keeps this enjoyable for me and you still get lots of vlogs, just sometimes they'll be in a compilation instead of singles every day :) love u all! hope your weekend is going well

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