Most Beautiful Women According to Men 2016


That is one aggressive Girl Kissing Random Girls at the Beach! from dailymotion by RaNdomkittenB0x
featured video : Cutting Bikinis Prank (SEXY Girls) Beach Prank - Pranks on People - Funny Videos - Best Pranks 2014
featured video : Hysterical guys KISSING random girls
Watch as this girl just walks up and aggressively makes out with random girls. But it’s okay because she’s a girl right? Wrong. Swap her with a male and he’ll be going to jail for attempted rape with a set of broken teeth. Double standards are real, very real. That’s straight up sexual assault. But that doesn’t detract from enjoying this video. Who doesn’t like watching girls kissing each other?

It seems to me that the girls she kissed in this video were unsure of their sexual orientation before this and the act made them question it even more. It just adds to my suspicions that all females seem to have homosexual tendencies hidden or not.