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Steve blows up on man who tried to attack him from youtube by D920TBD
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This is what happens when u pick a fight with an cop like Steve Wilkos.

EDIT: To all the morons out there saying this is all made up, u are dead wrong. This is based on a true story between a wife and husband. The husband failed the lie detector for continuously walking out on his own wife. Then when this punk tried to physically attack Steve, the only thing that Steve could do was get extremely livid at him which is what u are looking at in this clip. This tape is in no way scripted or acted, it was for real. Deal with the fact that if u choose to fight an ex-police officer and marine like Steve Wilkos, u will get cussed out or worse. And yes, I understand u have a negative opinion on this clip, but it's reality. Lastly, if u are offended very easily with a video like this, DON'T WATCH IT! Thank u and enjoy your day or night.