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Princess Elsa and Rapunzel Snapchat Rivals if In Real Life - Competition Games For Girls from youtube by Wolley Plays Kids Games
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In this fun game named Elsa And Rapunzel Snapchat Rivals two princesses are each trying to have the most popular summer on social media! Elsa has given the challenge on Snapchat and Rapunzel has agreed to take it on! So who will have the most fun? There are six important things that a princess had to do in order to say her summer was successful. And they have to snap about it! A music festival it's a must, they get to wear boho chic outfits and dance in nature with their favorite bands.Then they each can have a romantic date with their boyfriend, Rapunzel with Flynn and Elsa with Jack. Of course, it wouldn't be a vacation without a road trip. Rapunzel has always wanted to travel through Europe, while Elsa is happy to just spend some time with her sister. They should each wear a cute girly outfit at least once and both of them would ask Anna to join them on a girls' night out! But they like to keep it healthy too, so they should start with a yummy breakfast. For each photo you post, choose the right filter, stickers and hashtags. Have a wonderful time playing this cute game named Elsa And Rapunzel Snapchat Rivals!
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