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Cartoons for children about cars. Construction game. Crawler excavator. Big trucks for kids..mp4 from dailymotion by Cong Luan Nguyen
recommended video : Trucks for kids. Skid loader. Construction game. Cartoons about cars for children
recommended video : Cartoons for Kids,Game Backhoe Construction Sago mini Truck and Diggers,Excavator for Children
This educational cartoon in modern 3D animation shows how to build a toy crawler excavator from a construction set. Kids will learn the names of the main parts of the excavator and have a look at how hydraulic cylinders work. They will see the excavator at work digging trenches and foundation pits. At the end of the cartoon children will enjoy amazing acrobatics performed by a digger when it climbs a train car...
Great educational and entertainment video for preschoolers and school students to watch_

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