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Bittersweet Symphony | The Wall of Sound - World Tour from dailymotion by Konbini
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Konbini Supports!

A world tour recording artists along the way, all playing on the same songs! We want to break the wall that separate people's creativity. Music is a universal language, see for yourself :)

It took 58 artists to recreate the symphony. In order of apparition:
- Thomas Enhco from France
- Salim Jernite from Morocco
- Christian Gatore from Rwanda
- Agustin Pardo from Uruguay
- Yann Liu from China
- Pedro Vercelino from Brazil
- Nicolas Arnicho from Uruguay
- Sumi Justo from Argentina
- Winnie Lau from Hong-Kong
- Jota Pe from Argentina
- 7IK from france
- Marco Aurelio Martins from Brazil
- Ninjee from Mongolia
- A music teacher from Bolivia
- Rene from Argentina
- Bruno Salbador from Argentina
- Sujeet from India
- Lucas Oliveira from Brazil
- Guillherme from Bolivia
- Richard from the UK
- Carlos Armijo from Bolivia
- Gnawa musicians from Morroco
- Sebastian Zoppi from Argentina
- Nicolaï from Russia
- International high school choir in China
- Eugenio Reynal & Pequeña Orquesta Deriva from Argentina
- Titicaca troubadours from Chile
- Lucy from the USA
- Paulista brassband from Brazil
- Solen Nel from Pluto!
- Marcia Lucerna from Brazil
- Romain Takeo Bouyer from France
- Bénie Igiraneza from Rwanda
- Reina Sosa from Argentina

Thank you so much guys!

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A warm thank to Deezer that made this project possible !

Music by Romain Takeo Bouyer
Video by Nicolas Bitner

The Whole team :
Pauline Gogue, Priscille Dargnies, Laurène Boulitrop, Hugues Régimbeau, Romain Takeo Bouyer, Nicolas Bitner