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Abused in the elevator (Social experiment) from dailymotion by BEST DAILY VINES
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Be honest. Would you have said something when this psycho went off on one in a lift?

You can hardly step into a lift these days without some ghost prank or social experiment taking place – but a packed lift in Sweden showed off just how few of us are prepared to step in when serious domestic abuse is happening right next to us.

It might be Scandinavia, but there’s something uniquely British about the way one man reads his papers, pretending not to hear the actor saying, ‘I’ll klll you! I’ll f***ing kill you,’ right next to him.

Must have been an enthralling spreadsheet.

One woman, witnessing the man pushing the girl into the corner with the words,’You fucking listen to me,’ meekly asks, ‘Can I get off?’

When one lift rider finally snaps and threatens to call the police, the actors break into smiles and say, ‘You’re the only one who reacted!’